Orana Rabbit Fanciers

Current contacts 


Orana Rabbit Fanciers is currently run by the following people;

Rowland McDonnell, Kirsty Prince, Sam Elliot, .

Both can be contacted via our club email; orfnsw@hotmail.com 

Welcome to the page of the Orana Rabbit Fanciers

Orana Rabbit Fanciers has been created for those enthusiasts unable to travel to areas such as the western parts of Sydney and Canberra to show their rabbits.

Its creation has been down to two passionate enthusiasts who both travel across NSW and out of state to compete against other fanciers. It started on a dream to provide a service to exhibitors that are unable to attend shows due to distance however both Rowland and Kirsty did not expect the response to the little country club that they had received.

Orana Rabbit Fanciers now currently holds the largest amounts of consistent entries across NSW reaching an average of 130 rabbits per show with our last show reaching 170! It has left judges who give up their weekends to travel here utterly amazed at not only the support shown to the little country club, but also the quality of the animals exhibited!

Keep up the good work exhibitors! It is due to your support that Orana Rabbit Fanciers continues to flourish!